A couple who had each experienced the pain of failed marriage and divorce. Both, after much heartbreak, laid down their own reasonings and gave their full trust in God to supply their life partner. Though only slightly familiar with one another, God brought Lee & Cinda together in August of 1992. They trusted the Lord and  opened themselves to the unknown and were engaged before their first date. Lee, having no previous children, walked into immediate fatherhood of Cinda’s son and daughter and later… God gave them three more sons.

Lee is an elder at father’s Vineyard. He also is active in teaching and as a musician on the Praise and Worship team. He has been working at Outdoor Colors since 1992,  and is presently the Business Development Manager.

Cinda has assisted in many ministries of the church but is most acknowledged for putting together churchwide yard sales to raise money for several active missions. She loves to share her testimony of forgiveness with others. Her heart is to be available to women in times of physical and emotional need. She enjoys sharing friendship and unconditional love.