Grumbling caused people to stop seeing miracles, become offended
by Christ’s words, and stop walking with Him. As it was then, so it is
today. Grumbling will ultimately cause you to stop walking with Jesus.
It is a killer. Incredibly, the early disciples (not just the Pharisees) found
fault with the Son of God! They had heaven in their midst and couldn’t
see it. That’s what a grumbling attitude can do.
This poison is prevalent in the church today. I tell you plainly: God
doesn’t want a grumbling people to represent Him on earth. If we are
habitually gossiping, grumbling or complaining, we should beware: the
path we are on leads away from Christ. …

Make lists of people and things that you are thankful to God for. Let’s
put an end to grumbling and complaining and become a people who
possess the wonderful life of God!           Francis Frangipane


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