National Day Of Prayer

National Day Of Prayer!

The community is invited to come together for a time of prayer for the nation. We will be meeting at Rutherford County Courthouse May 3rd at 12 Noon.

Be involved in this special time, come join us as we unite together to seek God on behalf of our nation.


A Look at “They That Wait”

I’ve been studying Isaiah 40 for a Series called “They That Wait.”  WOW, what a wonderful study it is. While Israel was in Assyrian capitative, God begins to show them His Magnificence, Majesty and Might. Then He encourages His “captured people” to wait upon the Lord. The Hebrew picture here of “wait” is not necessarily about  time , but a picture of gathering yourself (mind , will, emotions) and tying (binding) all that you are to the hope and expectations of the Lord.  WOW! What a fresh revelation!

This goes along with Heb 6:17-20, “When God wanted to guarantee His promises, He gave His word, a rock-solid guarantee —   18 God can’t break His word. And because His word cannot change, the promise is likewise unchangeable. We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. 19 It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God     THE MESSAGE

There Are No Lone Rangers In The Kingdom of God


When I was growing up I remember watching a TV hero called The Lone Ranger. Siding with good, the Lone Ranger was independent, operated on his own agenda and belonged to no particular community. He wore a mask and would slip in and out of town anonymously. People were left asking, “Who was that masked man?”

Many Christians today are adopting the Lone Ranger lifestyle. They visit various churches and attend numerous conferences and events. But they don’t become involved in a local church community and so remain on the fringes, unknown, unsupported and underutilized. But that’s not God’s intention!

Why did Jesus organize His church and call it a body, a flock, a fellowship, and a family? Because He never intended for His Kingdom to be made up of lone rangers. Why did He command us to make disciples, train people for the work of ministry, and pour our lives into the development of lives? Because lone rangers will never have the impact He desires for His Kingdom.

God knows we need loving support, and He calls us to be interdependent servants in the community of believers under properly aligned leadership.The writer of Hebrews exhorts us not to forsake the assembly, in other words, the local church (Hebrews 10:25). Scripture helps us understand that the Christian life is a community life.

We are told in Ephesians 4:11-15, “Then we will no longer be immature like children. We won’t be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching… Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ”

As we come into this alignment, mutually submitted to authority and to one another, we will be built up in the unity of our faith. This is the only way that we can become mature in Christ. Without this alignment, the Lone Ranger Christians remain alone, struggling to mature, wandering from one teaching to the next. They do not have the support they need to grow in unity to their fullness in Christ.

How to let your light shine

Let’s face it we live in a dark world that seems to love it’s state. Sometimes light can be offensive to the darkness. However we are called to be light bearers of the one true light. Never let the darkness intimidate your passion, purpose, and priority to shine!