Forgive Pt3 – Terry Wilson

Forgive Pt3 - Terry Wilson

Week – 3

How to forgive others

In week 1 we spoke about what forgiveness was

In week 2 we spoke about how to receive forgiveness

And in our final week we explore 15 steps to giving and living forgiveness

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Forgive Pt2 – Terry Wilson

Forgive Pt2 - Terry Wilson

Ultimately the only way to be able to forgive is first receive forgiveness. Many believers receiving what they’ve obtained. The work of Calvary affords every born again believer the unyielding and unwavering forgiveness offered through Christ. However for many believers, receiving and fully walking in this new reality is slower to come by.

In this series we discuss how to receive God’s forgiveness so that we can be a conduit and a vessel for His forgiveness to others.

Forgive Pt1 – Terry Wilson

Forgive Pt1 - Terry Wilson

What does it mean to forgive someone?

What does it mean to be forgiven?

How do you forgive someone when ultimate betrayal and hurt has come from them?

This week we study about what it means to forgive and it’s definition.