June and July….Ready, Set, Move!

This summer we want our preschoolers to hear over and over that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. And not only does Jesus want t be their friend, but Jesus is a friend worth following. That way, when the time comes, our preschoolers will be ready to follow Jesus here, there, and everywhere!

May….To the Rescue!

When given the opportunity, preschoolers are ready and willing to help because it shows the world they are big and can do things that matter. Need help stirring in the kitchen? Preschoolers to the rescue! Need help carrying groceries? Preschoolers to the rescue! Need help entertaining a fussy baby? Preschoolers to the rescue! Could it be that the real reason preschoolers want to help is that God made them to help? We think so! That is why we will be spending this month answering the question “Who made you to help?” God made me to help! That’s who! After all, God is the ultimate helper, and we are all made in God’s image.

March teaches us we can love like Jesus

Our preschoolers love to be like grown ups. They think it’s a big deal when they can do grown up things. In March we are going to teach them something else that is a big deal…How they can love like Jesus.  Showing them each week how serving others, showing kindness, helping others, and loving everyone  are things they can do. When they do these things they love like Jesus.

February is Love

The month of February is the perfect time to teach our kids that Jesus loves them. Everything Jesus did here on earth is to show us He loved us.  Week 1…”BE MINE”  Jesus wants the children to come to him. Week 2….”YOUR SPECIAL”  Jesus thinks we are all special and wants to spend time with us.  Week 3…”HELP YOU”  Jesus wants us to know we can always go to him when we need help.  Week 4… “LOVE” Jesus loves us and nothing will ever change that!

December Pajama Party

This month our preschoolers will be having the best pajama party ever! They will be celebrating the most special gift of all…Jesus, God’s Son! He loves the world so much he Gave us His only Son. What a great month it will be learning about this special gift.

November … God is Good

In November our preschoolers will be learning that God is Good! We can look all around us and see the goodness of God. Learning to be Thankful for everything around us…including donuts. We will be learning “Donut’ Forget to thank God for all things.

October…God has plans for me

Our preschoolers will learn in October that God has plans for everyone. We can always trust Gods plan even when they are hard. They will learn that He has a plan for each and everyone of us. God’s plan is always a hole in one.