We want your children to be completely safe while in any of our children’s departments. To ensure that your child is going home with the right people we have a system in place. When you are ready to drop off your child go to the Check-In area. There is someone there to greet you and give you a form to fill out. This form will give us any important information we need to know about your child  and a place for your cell phone number that we  get in contact with you in case something comes up during service.  Your child will be given a tag to wear with their name and random number placed on it. The parent is also given a tag with a matching number. This tag has to be given to the worker when you come to pick up your child from class. We will match up the numbers on the tags and then your child can be released. If you have multiple children you will only be given one tag per parents to turn in. Just show the tag to each teacher and let them know you have other kids to pick up. When you pick up the last child you can then turn that tag in with the last teacher.