“We did get the packages! Thank you so much! Everyone appreciated them and loved them!” ~Deployed Sailors, Middle East

“Thank you for the lovely bibles…and caring enough to send them.” ~Sean B ( Middle East, Army National Guard)

“It is truly a blessing to get packages! Whether deployed, stationed overseas, or stateside, service members LOVE to get mail! It’s an amazing feeling to get a box in the mail filled with little treats and socks. We love getting new socks! I always share my boxes with me fellow Marines. Thank you all so much for thinking of us and giving us tools to help spread the word of God.” ~ Nichole S (USMC, Japan)

“I’m very grateful to have people in my life that think enough to send me packages while I’m overseas. It really means a lot to me and I truly feel blessed that people are so selfless and giving when it comes to our military. Thank you all again and God Bless!” ~Chris P (USMC, Japan)

“We are touched beyond words.” ~ Jamie C (USAF, Middle East)

“We truly appreciate all these gifts and holiday things inside these boxes. It’s a good feeling to know that you are still remembered even if you’re deployed. Thank you!”  ~ Deployed Marines, Middle East

“Compact and Army green, I remember opening it up for the first time and seeing all the sticky notes she  (Lisa) had left for me……The Soldier’s Bible provided me with a sort of comfort that some of the other girls didn’t have….My Soldier’s Bible is the one thing that I will continue to take with me wherever the Army throws me.” ~ Anna L, Fort Bragg

“Thank you so much from the 375th Engineer Company! We greatly appreciated all the cards!” –

“…I got the package today. Thank you so much! It came on a day I needed a pick me up and the Lord Blessed it here today, so thank you again!” – Deployed Soldier, Kuwait

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve sent, I appreciate all the support and love. All of us on deployment appreciate everything you’ve sent. We all appreciate it more than you know.” ~ Sgt Pietz, EOD Middle East