Hello Single Ladies,

Be Encouraged, You are never alone.
Sometimes being single feels lonely or we may seem or feel to be left out. The fact is, God is always with you. He promises to “never leave or forsake you” according to Deuteronomy 31:8. He will lead and guide our every step and be attentive in every moment. Your relationship with the Lord is key. He is always there. Whether married, single, widowed, or divorced, we must have a personal relationship with Christ to live a fulfilled life. Come, let us learn together how to develop and grow in our relationship with Christ and be and become the woman, daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend, that God has purposed us to be now and in the future! Let’s Enjoy and thrive in singleness!  -Be Encouraged!                                                                                                        Ms. Kimberly Wilkerson, Assistant Director, Women’s Ministry

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