The Good Life

We are going through a series titled, “The Good Life”. The world talks about the “good life” as having the most money, the fastest cars, and the most likes on social media. However, the Bible teaches us that the good life is one that is full of the Fruit of the Spirit, powered by the Holy Spirit. Join us on Wednesdays at 6pm as we wrestle with a few questions…. What is the good life? What does it look like? How can I have it?

Youth Spaghetti Fundraiser

Our Youth Spaghetti Fundraiser is August 28th, immediately following service. No set cost, asking for donations only! You can bid for “Pie the pastor” or sign-up for bake sale to bring cakes to be auctioned. Another way you could help is to donate spaghetti sauce or noodles! Thank you for all the love and support! If you have any questions, you can contact Pastor Austin at 704-477-7498 or e-mail him at

Youth Lock-In


Join us for the Youth Lock-In on July 22nd. Arrive at 5pm, and prepare for a night of fun! We will attempt an escape room, eat dinner, play hide-and-seek in the dark, and more! Its only $5 per person, so bring a friend. We hope you can join us! You can call or text Austin at 704-477-7498 if you have any questions!

May 2022 – Resilience Series

In this series, Never Give Up, we’re encouraging students to see that resilience is a part of their DNA. Students may struggle in the face of challenges, as many of them will find themselves navigating difficult circumstances, rejection,or loss for the first time in this phase. That’s why encouraging them to know that God doesn’t give up on them and doesn’t want them to give up on themselves or others is so crucial to encourage them to keep going and keep growing in resilience. This is our May series and we fellowship and worship together on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm – 7:30pm!  God Bless!

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Prism Series

We are excited to begin our new series from Orange titled, “Prism”.  A prism is typically made of glass, and on the surface looks simple. However, if we look further below the surface, or if it is stricken by light, there is so much more. We see more prisms and vibrant colors that cannot be seen from a distance.

We are prisms that God wants to use for his glory. He created us with unique gifts and talents, and every one of us has something to offer to his Kingdom here on earth. Come join us as we explore how we can be effective prisms for the Lord! He created you with so much potential, so why not let it grow? This is our March series and we fellowship and worship together on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm – 7:30pm! God Bless!

Dealing with Change

All of us have been struggling with how to handle change forever. Even when you open the pages of the Bible and read from the writers God used to tell His story, you’ll see that they too struggled with the idea of change. They went through a lot of the same stuff we all go through: loss, broken relationships, heartbreak, uncertainty, insecurity, and so much more. And many of them wrestled with the question of how they could trust God when their lives seemed to be a constant series of unwanted and unexpected changes. Sound familiar?

But over and over again, the writers in the Bible who were dealing with so much change kept coming back to the same truth. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8 NLT).

To put it even more plainly: Jesus. Never. Changes. He’s always the same. However, He was before—loving, kind, cheering for you, just, generous—that’s how He’s going to be after. And in a world marked by constant change—good change and bad change—I think that’s great news! Because that means God doesn’t change even if everything around us does. It means when everything around us feels unstable, Jesus isn’t. When everything around us feels inconsistent, Jesus isn’t. When everyone around us seems different or like they can’t understand, Jesus does.  

No matter what happens in our life, no matter what change we are facing, we can count on the One who never changes. We can be rooted in God. When nothing else feels stable, God is. And when we have trust in a God that never changes, whatever difficulty change brings, there is a peace we can experience anyway.  Here’s a very simple phrase that I’d love for you to remember:

God doesn’t change, even if . .


In our current summer series “R U in DRIVE”, we have been studying how the gears of our transmission are a lot like our spiritual journey. And…sometimes it seem like you will never reach your destination. Take heart…the journey is lifelong.

Anyway…this past week we looked the functions on a GPS. We asked the question, “What is you favorite feature/function on a GPS (or your phone)?” We came to the conclusion that “re-routing” is one of the most useful features a GPS can have. If you find that you have taken a wrong turn or are following someone who really doesn’t know where they’re going…much less how to help you find your way…re-routing is an amazing feature. We discovered that re-routing is a lot like repenting (a word we don’t talk about much any more in churches). But repenting is nothing more than changing direction (aka re-routing).

Following that same train of thought…repenting or re-routing is very similar to making a 3-point turn. When you take the driving portion of the test to get your license, most places ask you to performa 3-point turn. Basically, you acknowledge that you need to turn around and go in a different direction. So, at that point you must 1) stop your forward motion, 2) move out of the flow of traffic, 3) wait on traffic to clear, 4) let others know your intention to change direction, 5) move to the other side of the road, and 6) begin moving again in the opposite direction. That’s re-routing! That’s repentance!

So…if you realize it’s time to change direction. DO IT!