At Echo Student Ministries, we are going through a series where we’re challenging each other to live in one direction (not related to the boy band). Basically, we have to be like coffee….now stay with me…even if you don’t like coffee. We will pray for you later. For coffee to be its best…the purpose for which it was grown…the beans must be ground up and then have steaming hot water come in contact with the coffee grounds. After that the liquid is FILTERED before the amazing nectar that is coffee flows into its container. After that you may choose to alter the taste to you liking. This is how it is (or should be) as a Christian. We have got to learn to FILTER anything we say or do through the LOVE that is Jesus Christ. If we aren’t filtering our life through Him first…we can be very bitter to a world that is crying out for a purer love. So…let’s be like coffee…FILTERED for His purpose on earth.

Things we want…

Reading a book by Phil Joel, bass player for Newsboys United and founder of the band Zealand. He made a comment that has stuck with me and is challenging me as well. He said that “it’s inside of us to want these things, and it’s okay because that’s how God made us”. He points out that we all want to be seen-recognized (some more than others-my own observation). We also want to be understood-approved of. And the third thing Phil saw was/is that we all want to beĀ loved-deeply valued.

In my years of youth ministry, I totally agree with these “desires”. I further agree with Phil Joel that it IS OK to want these things. My question is to youth and adults alike is this. How do we try to meet these legitimate needs? I have spent plenty of time in my life trying to meet these legitimate needs by illegitimate means. I’ll end with a quote from Jim Carey. He once said; “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” Be careful who you compare yourself and your life to, especially on social media. Remember, you’re only getting the “highlight reel”.