Thank you for a great year!

As the year comes to an end, our eyes turn to the new year, but I want to take this moment to reflect on the year and decade we’re leaving behind. First, I need to thank the incredible group of parents (be it biological, foster, or adopted), grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and more who have poured into the child(ren) in their life and encouraged their faith. Without you, we don’t have a ministry. Thank you. Thank you for trusting this ministry with your precious young people.


Next, I need to thank the fantastic group of people who serve in this ministry. You show up consistently, and you are making a difference not just in the future kingdom, but in the kingdom right now. Each of you brings something wonderful and unique to this ministry, and I absolutely could not do this without you.


Finally, I give thanks for the awesome body of Christ and your support for this ministry through your intercession, time, and love. Just as the body functions at its best when every part works together, the work of every member of the body aids not only their own ministry but every other ministry by extension.


Over this year and years previous, I have been blessed to watch this ministry grow in many ways as God does awesome and mighty things in families and in the body as a whole. I look forward to every great thing in the year and decade to come, and I thank you for joining the journey. May God bless you and your family this holiday season, and may we all grow in love and truth.


Elizabeth Cavil, Children’s Ministry Director


September is almost here!

Hey, gang!

We use such an awesome curriculum in kids church! Every month, we have a new theme, and with our theme we receive a song that reinforces that theme. Now this month we’re focusing in on Trust as we continue our adventure through the Bible, taking a long look at the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-45)!

Check out the companion song to these lessons below!

Bringing the Lesson Home – Monday, April 8, 2019

Yesterday, Mr. Mike kicked off our April lesson series on Hope! We dug into John 11:1 – 45, when Lazarus dies and Jesus resurrects him. Through this miracle we learned that whatever happens, we can remember how powerful God is!

For more resources to keep the lesson alive throughout the week, check out where you’ll find free videos, games, crafts, and more created by the very same people who write our weekly curriculum.

Save the Date! VBS 2019

Are you ready for spring? Already looking ahead to summer? Then pull out your calendar because the dates for Father’s Vineyard’s VBS have been announced! Join us every evening July 14 – 18 for an amazing adventure across five continents and through history as we learn about the race (the human race!), the tower of Babel and its aftermath, and everyone’s need for the One Savior! From Bible time to snacks to games and science crafts, every kid age 3 – 12 is guaranteed to have a blast while interacting with the Word of God! So save the date! We can’t wait to see you there!

November: The Month of Cooperation

During the month of November, we’re teaching kids about cooperation, working together to do more than you can do alone. Our graphics are anchored in the idea that a band works, plays, and sounds its best when all of its members work together. When we all work together, we give room for different kinds of creativity, different perspectives, different personalities, different sounds, different skill sets.

Part of working together is appreciating the parts that others play. The Father’s Vineyard staff began this week by appreciating and serving all of our wonderful volunteers. On Tuesday, we celebrated our ability to work together as a nation to elect leaders on local, state, and federal levels. November 10th marks the Marine Corps’s birthday, and on the 11th we’ll honor the courageous men and women who have devoted themselves to the preservation of our nation, our veterans. As November nears its end, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This holiday is the direct result of people working together as the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to adapt to and survive in the New World. Because the Pilgrims worked with the natives, those settlers were able to survive and thrive rather than die of starvation in a strange land.

November truly is a month that treasures cooperation, whether we’re honoring our armed forces, our volunteers, or our history. It is a clear reminder that when we work together, we can do more than we can alone.

The Hunt! August Elementary Series

Here in Father’s Vineyard Kids Theater, a new month means a new series! This month our theme is The Hunt: Wisdom is Worth Searching For. This series defines wisdom as finding out what you should do and doing it. Our key verse for the month is James 1:5a, “If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you” (NIRV). Check out the resources below for a deeper look at what we’re learning this month!