New Year, New Seats

Y’all, I’m excited. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might have spent Monday trying to figure out what I was expecting to be delivered (and probably why I wouldn’t stop posting about it). Recently, kids church ordered new seating, and now it’s here!

If you’ve visited kids church or browsed our gallery page, you know our students have been using the same folding chairs for years. Now, we’ll be using these super cool risers, and I can’t wait to start using them this Sunday!

Connect With Us!

We want to connect with you! We’re on Instagram (@fvkids) and on Facebook (FVKids).

We also use a really cool app called BAND. We know, we’re not a band. Maybe a band of merry people? Anyway, this app allows us to share events, take polls, share files, and a whole lot more, and it lets us do it all with you, the awesome people who bring incredible young people to learn more about God. This is an excellent tool for us to communicate with you and for you to communicate with us!

Not only  do we use this app,  but our super cool youth group Echo Student Ministry uses this app too!  Parents, please download this app (available in the iTunes store, the GooglePlay store, and even online!) and then click HERE to join our group.

Wednesday Nights are Back!

We’re so excited because on January 8th, we’re back on Wednesday nights starting at 6:30 pm! In this new year, we’re still committed to having a quality midweek service for your kids, and part of that commitment means we have to change things from time to time.

Don’t worry. This change is spectacular, and it starts tomorrow night when you drop off your student(s)! We now have a check-in system for our midweek service in the FLC. If you join us on Sunday morning services, fret not! This is the same system, so we’re not springing anything terrifying on you. If you haven’t been with us on a Sunday morning, the system is simple and painless. All you have to do is come in the FLC, check in, and hold on to that fantastic guardian security sticker until you pick up your child(ren) after service.

We decided to add this system to our Wednesday night activities because we value the safety of every family who is involved in our ministry, and we want to demonstrate that this is our priority. We know it’s one more thing to keep up with, but the safety of our kids is absolutely worth it. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow night at 6:30 pm.

Thank you for a great year!

As the year comes to an end, our eyes turn to the new year, but I want to take this moment to reflect on the year and decade we’re leaving behind. First, I need to thank the incredible group of parents (be it biological, foster, or adopted), grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and more who have poured into the child(ren) in their life and encouraged their faith. Without you, we don’t have a ministry. Thank you. Thank you for trusting this ministry with your precious young people.


Next, I need to thank the fantastic group of people who serve in this ministry. You show up consistently, and you are making a difference not just in the future kingdom, but in the kingdom right now. Each of you brings something wonderful and unique to this ministry, and I absolutely could not do this without you.


Finally, I give thanks for the awesome body of Christ and your support for this ministry through your intercession, time, and love. Just as the body functions at its best when every part works together, the work of every member of the body aids not only their own ministry but every other ministry by extension.


Over this year and years previous, I have been blessed to watch this ministry grow in many ways as God does awesome and mighty things in families and in the body as a whole. I look forward to every great thing in the year and decade to come, and I thank you for joining the journey. May God bless you and your family this holiday season, and may we all grow in love and truth.


Elizabeth Cavil, Children’s Ministry Director


September is almost here!

Hey, gang!

We use such an awesome curriculum in kids church! Every month, we have a new theme, and with our theme we receive a song that reinforces that theme. Now this month we’re focusing in on Trust as we continue our adventure through the Bible, taking a long look at the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-45)!

Check out the companion song to these lessons below!

The Importance of Time

Last week as Wednesday service came to an end, one of my fifth grade students asked me a question. “How much longer do I get to stay in kids church?” I looked at the calendar. My fifth graders have one Sunday and one Wednesday until they transition to middle school and Echo Student Ministry. I’ve had the honor of ministering to a few of my fifth graders since they were old enough to enter our elementary ministry. Some of them joined us later, and what a joy it has been to see them all grow in their faith and as young people.

Studies show that children are in church for an average of 40 hours a year, only 40 out of the 8,760 hours in a year. The elementary ministry team works hard to make every one of those 40 hours count. We want our cumulative 200 hours with each student to build trust, love, and faith, and as those 200 hours over the course of 5 years draw to an end, we hope we’ve made a positive difference in the lives of our students.

As ministers, we’re only with your children for a little while in the grand scheme of life, but you, you are the constant. Parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you are constant influences in the life of the children around you. Cherish that time. Leverage that influence. On average, a child has 936 weeks of life from birth to graduation. 936. How many have gone by already? How many does your child have left before they leave the nest and begin their new adventure?

If there’s one thing we know for certain (and are very aware of during times of transition), it’s that every second counts. Before you know it, those 936 weeks will be over. For ways to make every week count, check out the Parent Cue app (available through the iTunes store and Google Play) or visit the Parent Cue blog for inspiration, encouragement, and ways to reinforce your child’s faith.