“Wait On You”

Have you told someone about “the Truth “ lately?
We live in a day that deception and confusion is everywhere. I have been thinking about the scriptures in the Bible where Pilate was talking with Jesus. Pilate was under tremendous pressure from Rome to keep peace in Israel. He was pressured by the scribes, pharisees, religious leaders in Jerusalem to crucify Jesus. On top of that, his wife told him she’d had a dream about Jesus being an innocent man. He was in what we called when I played baseball, “a pickle.” There was pressure from both sides.
Pilate found himself in utter dismay. He felt he was in a trap. In those moments, he asked Jesus, “What is truth?”
Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
Sometimes we just need to acknowledge Jesus and say His wonderful Name, receive His peace, and wait for His answer. I have always especially loved worship songs that just repeat His name, the Name above all names: Jesus!
There is a new song by Elevation Worship and Maverick City that I hope our worship team will be able to do soon. Check it out. And may God bless you, direct you, and order your steps in these distressful times. He will!!
– Pastor Charlie


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