Resurrection Sunday Celebration


Make plans to join us for our Resurrection Sunday celebration, as we present a program entitled “Covenant of Grace, Covenant of Power.” We will be partaking of communion during the service, as well as worshipping with new songs! Come join us as in worship and celebration!


“Living Water’

This is a new song we hope to be learning and singing at church in the near future. My friend, Eric Moore, sent it to me. I think you will find it very encouraging.


Pastor Charlie


“Wait On You”

Have you told someone about “the Truth “ lately?
We live in a day that deception and confusion is everywhere. I have been thinking about the scriptures in the Bible where Pilate was talking with Jesus. Pilate was under tremendous pressure from Rome to keep peace in Israel. He was pressured by the scribes, pharisees, religious leaders in Jerusalem to crucify Jesus. On top of that, his wife told him she’d had a dream about Jesus being an innocent man. He was in what we called when I played baseball, “a pickle.” There was pressure from both sides.
Pilate found himself in utter dismay. He felt he was in a trap. In those moments, he asked Jesus, “What is truth?”
Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
Sometimes we just need to acknowledge Jesus and say His wonderful Name, receive His peace, and wait for His answer. I have always especially loved worship songs that just repeat His name, the Name above all names: Jesus!
There is a new song by Elevation Worship and Maverick City that I hope our worship team will be able to do soon. Check it out. And may God bless you, direct you, and order your steps in these distressful times. He will!!
– Pastor Charlie




Thought for Today: Worship is mostly your daily life with The Lord . ( not just a song or dance)

I have for many years said a daily prayer ” Thank you God for this beautiful day you have given us to live by”.   Recently I was thinking about my wording on this prayer.  Let’s look at the words “given us”. As I thought about this, I was realizing that deep inside I meant us as( You “Jesus” and me ” Charlie” )with each other. Living together with The Lord.  Thinking about this I know there are scriptures that say we are in God. ”  In Him we live and move and have our being”  We also Live For God ! We are created for Him and called for His purposes. Also for the part”Given Us to live by ” Scripture tells us that we are co-laborers with Christ.  So Thank you God for this day you have given us (me and You ) to Live by!

Charlie Hopper

Thoughts on Worship

I was asked to speak to the children this Sunday coming up on worship. As I was praying and listening to the Holy Spirit, here are some thoughts that I believe I will share with the children Sunday.

God created you…. You are special… He breathed His life into you…. God is love. And so that you can really love Him, he gave you free choice… You can choose how to live your life. You are free. But we all make mistakes. We often forget Him. But when we return to Him we find that His heart is wide open to receive us….back where we belong.

God is so great!! God is so Big! He fills the whole Universe and all of its dimensions! He is all Wisdom! He is all Love! He is Holy! There is no unrighteousness within Him! For those attributes alone, once understood, our response should be worship and adoration right straight from our Hearts! We need Him and we are lost and can do nothing good without Him.

He is all that is good and He has a great plan for your life. His plans are to prosper you and to give you hope and a future!

Worship is who you are in Christ and your daily living in Christ! Similar as to how it honors your Father and Mother when you express your love to them because they first loved you. And from that relationship you go on in obedience to make good grades and to become a loving, wise, productive child that prospers and makes a difference in the world around you.

There are things we do in response to our revelation of Him and to help us in our journey to know God. When we think about His goodness, His love, Mercy and His faithfulness, We express our thanksgiving to Him. Sometimes we thank Him in songs or dance. We celebrate His Joy in our hearts. We lift our hands and bless His Name with humble grateful hearts! The more we get to know God, the more we adore Him!

To Worship in Spirit and Truth is to become like Him. One with Him. Exemplifying His Life in this world. This brings honor to God and great purpose and fulfillment in our lives.

Jesus… God’s son….died for us so that we could be free from the decay of sin, and free from the Bondages of sin. In John 17 Jesus prayed that we might become one with Him as He is One with God The Father. This is true worship when His life, which is Spirit, fills our hearts and we become one with Him.

Therefore we are empowered to go out into this broken world with a heart of Love, compassion, wisdom and power in the likeness of Christ, one with God, bringing hope to the Earth which is found in Christ. This is true worship! And this is how we can bring Glory and Honor to His name through our lives! We were Created to Worship! What a glorious opportunity and Journey God has placed before us!
May we be found faithful by His Grace and power working through us! Blessed Be the Lord God!!!


Rehearsal Schedule this week

This week Our Praise team, praise singers and children church choir rehearsal schedule will be as follows: Wednesday April 10th 6-6:30 Children at the FLC. Adult teams 7:30 pm at the church sanctuary. We will be rehearsing the music for our Easter Program.



New Song for Our Worship Team

This is a great song by David Crowder that we have added to our Worship set lists.  This song expresses the victory and Freedom we have in Christ!

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Christmas Program

Our Christmas program this year is entitled Celebrate Peace.  We will be presenting this program on December 16th.  Rehearsal are to be announced.  If you would like to be a part of our program please contact Charlie Hopper.  Our program this year will incorporate our Children’s Choir, Praise Team, Dance Team, narrators and special songs with soloists. Some stage hands and coordinators will be needed too.