In our current summer series “R U in DRIVE”, we have been studying how the gears of our transmission are a lot like our spiritual journey. And…sometimes it seem like you will never reach your destination. Take heart…the journey is lifelong.

Anyway…this past week we looked the functions on a GPS. We asked the question, “What is you favorite feature/function on a GPS (or your phone)?” We came to the conclusion that “re-routing” is one of the most useful features a GPS can have. If you find that you have taken a wrong turn or are following someone who really doesn’t know where they’re going…much less how to help you find your way…re-routing is an amazing feature. We discovered that re-routing is a lot like repenting (a word we don’t talk about much any more in churches). But repenting is nothing more than changing direction (aka re-routing).

Following that same train of thought…repenting or re-routing is very similar to making a 3-point turn. When you take the driving portion of the test to get your license, most places ask you to performa 3-point turn. Basically, you acknowledge that you need to turn around and go in a different direction. So, at that point you must 1) stop your forward motion, 2) move out of the flow of traffic, 3) wait on traffic to clear, 4) let others know your intention to change direction, 5) move to the other side of the road, and 6) begin moving againĀ in the opposite direction. That’s re-routing! That’s repentance!

So…if you realize it’s time to change direction. DO IT!

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